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Another Week 1 matchup with far-reaching implications. Naturally, if they win, Boise State will crow to the world that they can hang with the SEC. If Georgia wins, Mark Richt will most likely have job security for another year & the Dawgs will join  ‘SC & Florida as contenders for the SEC East. Pray tell, let us examine the keys to this most intriguing clash of ugly uniforms.

Isaiah Crowell should probably be healed up in time for the game. That’s good news for Georgia, who will need a solid performance from their RBs in order to control the pace of the game against high-flying BSU. They know there’s no way they can survive a slugfest with the Broncos. And the Broncos know they know. And Georgia knows the Broncos know they know.

But this will be Isaiah Crowell’s first college game. It’s a lot to ask, throwing a true freshman in as your starter in your season opener. Throwing him in as your starter against a #5-ranked team that’s more desperate for respect than a fresh fish on the yard in San Quentin? Could spell trouble.

No blue-on-blue for BSU in this game. I was glad to hear that Boise State won’t be allowed to wear blue uniforms on it’s blue turf during conference games. For one thing, it gives me a headache. For another, it’s a legitimate issue of unfair advantage. Why do hunters wear Mossy Oak? Same principle. Call me crazy, call me bitter, call me paranoid (just don’t call me late for supper) but I think that without the blue camo, BSU has one less weapon in their arsenal.

This is basically half of BSU’s schedule. The only other top-25 team on their schedule? A week-9 home game against TCU. Unless Nevada steps up again & corrals the Broncos, they’ll be cruising for most of the season. To that end, they”ll probably throw the kitchen sink at Georgia. Look for some fucked-up hook’n’shoot action if the game stays close.

Rebuilding or not, this is still an SEC team. Last year I sat there amid a pile of beer cans & celebrated as Nevada edge out the Broncos. No disrespect to the Wolf Pack, but the WAC is a far cry from the SEC. If we can agree on that point, than we must concede that a mid-level SEC team should be able duplicate the success of a top-tier WAC team. The Bulldogs may not be the pick of the litter in the SEC, but they should be able to protect it from intruders.

My bold prediction? The Broncos will have a long plane ride back to Idaho after being edged out in a thriller that puts Georgia back on the map.

Lastly, in all seriousness, we say goodbye to Georgia’s beloved mascot, who passed away from lymphoma earlier this year. He’ll be watching from Heaven as his team makes history.

Uga VIII, 2009-2011.


Read on for the latest scoops we were able to obtain:

Les Miles orders police protection for Tiger Stadium, fears ‘Bama fans will poison the sideline grass in an attempt on his life.

Mississippi State players boldly predict: “We guarantee we’ll cover the spread against Alabama this year!”

Georgia head coach on the future of his career: “Can I interest you in Amway?”

Steve Spurrier forces team to watch final installment of “Harry Potter” in an effort to bolster “trickeration” playbook.

Vandy head coach issues challenge to the media: “Tell me what my name is.”

Of course there were a slew of soundbites from the Auburn coaching staff:

Gus Malzahn on the key to his success: “We pay a lot of money to have a talented scumbag to play QB for us.”

Gene Chizik (going against his legal coundel’s advice to pleasd the 5th for the duration of SEC Media Days) on the departure of most of his starters: “Our checks must have bounced.

On the ongoing NCAA investigation: “If we pay you what we paid Cam Newton will you leave us alone?”

On the odds of repeating as national champion: “No one at Auburn can count that high.”