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What the…?!

Posted: August 28, 2011 in NCAA Football
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This commercial just came on out here in California while my girlfriend was watching “Real Housewives” & it was pretty trippy.

Of course, if a barner rolled up on my gameday kegger, pizza or no pizza, there would be some frontier justice on the menu.


Governor Bentley has reached out to his constituency, asking for support in his quest to create a statewide holiday in honor of alleged Toomer-poisoner Harvey Updyke Jr. If you want to be a part of this historic movement, let the Governor know you support him by emailing him.

Before you dismiss the idea & condemn Updyke as a psychopath who gives the Tide a bad name, remember that Auburn rolled Toomer’s corner when Bear Bryant died, & that Auburn fans burned the 2010 Iron Bowl score into the lawn outside Bryant-Denny, & that Auburn won their 2nd national championship by paying $180,000 to a thug dropout, & that Updyke was the only one with the stones to do anything about it.

All I can do is sit back on my thrift-store sofa & laugh. LSU’s QB is facing legal action for kicking some dude in the head during a Baton Rouge barfight. Ole Miss’ QB just spent the night in the stir after a barroom brawl in Oxford. Stephen Garcia’s QB coach got a free ride downtown for drunkenly mistaking a parked car for a port-a-potty. Earlier this year, 4 Auburn players were arrested after an ill-conceived heist went wrong. Georgia is still recovering from their lecherous ex-AD’s DUI. That’s a lot of Wild Irish Rose being passed around after two-a-days!┬áIt ought to be easier to tally up more sacks this year if the opposing QBs are weighed down with house-arrest ankle-bracelets.

A rare behind the scenes look at LSU's equipment manager in action.

We are.