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Who can blame the Aggies for jumping off the sinking ship that is the Big 12? They’ll get a piece of those high-revenue SEC games & will get a chance to start recruiting from the most talent-rich region of this great nation. And in all fairness, they’ve had to EARN their BCS rankings, unlike some non-AQs who will remain nameless. Just this season A&M plays 6 ranked teams, including 2 in the top 10 (#1 Oklahoma, #9 Oklahoma State). So I’m sure they’ll do fine in the SEC…that is, after they go 5-7 for a couple seasons, re-evaluate their offensive playbooks to include a strong running game, & sign a few commitments from the Gulf coast.

So yes, I’ll be cracking wise about the Aggies as they ease themselves into the hot water, but the truth is I have a lot of respect for them, stepping up & asking to join an elite conference. This will not be another Vandy (sorry guys, couldn’t resist). A&M will make the SEC West officially the toughest schedule in college football, & by that merit will assure plenty more SEC national champions.

The real losers here are TCU, who thought they could sneak into the party by joining the automatic-qualifying Big Least, er, Big East. Tsk, tsk. Not this year, after losing to Baylor in week 1. And now that the “real” conferences are beefing up, the Horned Frauds & their smurfy pals “B.S. University” are going to have the bouncer close the proverbial velvet rope in their faces.

Texas A&M's mascot is probably smarter than most Auburn grads.