Read on, my friends, for a sneak-peek at the headlines you’ll be reading over coffee on Sunday morning…

No Newton Is Good Newton: Clemson Sticks It To Defending Champs

Black Bear Roars, Ole Miss Floors Commodores

Crowell Crushes Coastal Carolina, Bulldogs Back In Business

Voluntary Manslaughter: Gators Chomp Tennessee

Cocks Blow Navy Out Of The Water (sorry, couldn’t resist)

Big Least: UK Continues SEC’s Dominance Over Lesser Conference

Arkansas Exploits Troy’s “Achilles Heel” Secondary

Mean Green Washed Out By Crimson Tide


No bold prediction, no upset special, no keys to winning the game. I’m not going to make myself look any more foolish than I already do after guaranteeing victories for UGA & Oregon in Week 1. So I was wrong! Sue me why dontcha. Anyways, here we go…a genuine semifinal title eliminator, right here in Week 3. We have #1 Oklahoma headed down to visit #5 FSU. Last year this game was in Sooners country & it didn’t work out too well for Bowden & company. This year, a strongly-recruited FSU is hosting Oklahoma & Bowden has just revealed that he’s a cancer survivor. If that doesn’t inspire his players, nothing will.

The loser of this game will most likely fall into the basement of the top 10, & the winner will be cozied up with LSU in the top 2. If Oklahoma powers throught it, as most folks believe they will, they still have a few ranked opponents in their way (A&M, Oklahoma State, Texas & newly-anointed giantkillers Baylor), & FSU’s only other ranked opponent will be Florida. I’m not going to even go down the road of asking how FSU got such a high ranking in the first place.

So even with a loss this weekend, FSU can still win out the rest of their season & get to a bowl game. A win for Oklahoma most likely saves them a spot in the national championship against LSU or Alabama, depending on who you ask. A loss for the Sooners, however, could really throw a wrench in the works for them. It would have a profound affect on their psyche, knowing that the former #1 team would have a slim-to-none chance of going all the way. It would leave the door open for a few other teams to settle their scores with Oklahoma; suddenly those other ranked opponents would seem much more ominous.

A disturbing notion that comes to mind when thinking about an Oklahoma loss: is it possible that Boise State would step in & usurp the #2 spot? It could happen. That would most likley pit them against a real SEC team (sorry UGA) & would serve as a rude awakening to the boys in blue.

So what are we left with?

If Oklahoma wins, they’re in the national championship game.

If FSU wins, all hell breaks loose.

Week 2 Craziness

Posted: September 10, 2011 in NCAA Football

The big story: with AJ McCarron under center in his first road start, the Crimson Tide took control of the game against Penn State by dominating every aspect of the game. The defense forced 3 turnovers & nearly intercepted 5 consecutive pass attempts. The offense established it’s trademark running game & McCarron went 19 for 31, including a snappy 5-yard TD pass that made it’s way through double-coverage. Special teams provided the spark when it made a first down by the skin of their teeth on a punt fake. The 27-11 score made it look closer than it was; a late TD & 2pt conversion by PSU were part of a rally against an Alabama bench that had one eye on the game-clock’s final minutes. All in all, a vintage performance.

In other news:

Auburn was the winner of an SEC West shootout with #16 Mississippi State, winning 41-34 on a last-second goal-line stand.

In the SEC East, Jadeveon Clowney forced a late fumble that the Gamecocks recovered for a game-winning TD in a nail-biter against UGA.

Michigan scored 28 in the 4th to send Notre Dame home 0-2.

Vandy won!

Texas edged out BYU after pulling their QB & sending in the backups.

Russel Wilson & Wisconsin took a giant badger-shit on Oregon State.

Ohio State was in trouble early but survived Toledo. No word on how much the players got for their game-day jerseys.

And in case you missed it, ASU stunned Mizzou last night. I secretly like the new blacked-out uniforms & don’t think they look like Power Rangers.

Who can blame the Aggies for jumping off the sinking ship that is the Big 12? They’ll get a piece of those high-revenue SEC games & will get a chance to start recruiting from the most talent-rich region of this great nation. And in all fairness, they’ve had to EARN their BCS rankings, unlike some non-AQs who will remain nameless. Just this season A&M plays 6 ranked teams, including 2 in the top 10 (#1 Oklahoma, #9 Oklahoma State). So I’m sure they’ll do fine in the SEC…that is, after they go 5-7 for a couple seasons, re-evaluate their offensive playbooks to include a strong running game, & sign a few commitments from the Gulf coast.

So yes, I’ll be cracking wise about the Aggies as they ease themselves into the hot water, but the truth is I have a lot of respect for them, stepping up & asking to join an elite conference. This will not be another Vandy (sorry guys, couldn’t resist). A&M will make the SEC West officially the toughest schedule in college football, & by that merit will assure plenty more SEC national champions.

The real losers here are TCU, who thought they could sneak into the party by joining the automatic-qualifying Big Least, er, Big East. Tsk, tsk. Not this year, after losing to Baylor in week 1. And now that the “real” conferences are beefing up, the Horned Frauds & their smurfy pals “B.S. University” are going to have the bouncer close the proverbial velvet rope in their faces.

Texas A&M's mascot is probably smarter than most Auburn grads.

Luckily that one game , Alabama over Kent State, was the only one that really mattered.

If you look closer

The Bulldogs have more weapons

Broncos will be stunned

Both teams missing stars

But the Ducks’ rapid-fire pace

Will break LSU