Revenge Of The Nerds: Vandy Will Beat South Carolina

Posted: September 22, 2011 in NCAA Football

Yup, that’s right. Never thought I’d say it, but that’s the call I’m making for this weekend. Here’s why:

Vandy, like Carolina, is 3-0 (1-0 SEC). Both teams have scored 3 defensive TDs in 3 games.

The differences? Vanderbilt has forced more turnovers than Carolina (12 so far). They lead the FBS in interceptions (10). The Commodores have allowed 42 points; Carolina has given up 42 in the Georgia game alone, & 100 total so far.

It gets better. Vanderbilt has beaten South Carolina twice in the last 4 years (2007, 2008) & the combined score in those games? 58-58.

So far this season, South Carolina has shown a disturbing habit of playing just hard enough to squeak by. That kind of play makes for some exciting wins, but eventually leads to devastating losses. The first of those losses will happen this Saturday.

But Steve Spurrier doesn’t seem worried. His take on Vandy defensive coordinator Bob Shoop? “I think he came from William & Mary, but he’s doing a super job.” You can always count on the Ol’ Ball Coach to keep it classy.


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