SEC Recap, & What It Means To Alabama

Posted: September 21, 2011 in NCAA Football

So far, LSU has looked like the only other real contender in the SEC. And they look like they’re for real! Two road wins over two ranked teams in their first three games…damn! That big, fast, stingy defense pretty much epitomizes what SEC football is all about. The LSU-Alabama game will not only be the championship semifinal, but will probably be the best game of the year.

As for the rest of the SEC? Well…

Auburn’s luck finally ran out (against Crimson Tide alum Dabo Swinney, I might add), & their staggeringly horrific defensive stats do not bode well for them on the eve of a 4 game stretch consisting of #12 South Carolina, #14 Arkansas, #15 Florida & #2 LSU. Ouch.

Mississippi State’s heartbreaking loss to Auburn pretty much took them off the radar…if they beat South Carolina & Arkansas they might be able to claw their way back into the big picture.

Speaking of South Carolina & Arkansas, both teams have really yet to show what they’re made of. The 3-0 Hogs’ wishy-washy showing against Troy probably isn’t what Bobby Petrino wants to see the week before a trip to Tuscaloosa. A freshman tackle standing between a new QB & the pass-rush has the potential for some highlight-reel sacks. South Carolina is also 3-0, but has looked downright terrible at times. The game against unranked Navy is a perfect example of how the Gamecocks have pretty much been barely squeaking their way past some mediocre opposition. They’ll be exposed by eventual SEC East winner Florida, if not before.

Ole Miss & UGA? Well, my mother always told me: if you can’t say anything nice…

According to news reports, Kentucky still has a football team, but that has yet to be verified.

The Vols are looking at either a 6 or 7 win season, depending on how badly Georgia plays against them.

And brace yourselves for this…Vanderbilt has a very good chance at beating South Carolina (more on that later), & joining the SEC East race.

Week 4 will probably widen the gap between the teams that have it & the teams that don’t.



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