The Mark Richt Farewell Tour

Posted: September 16, 2011 in NCAA Football

Let’s run down the privileged fields scheduled to be graced with the Richt’s presence one last time as UGA head coach…

Coastal Carolina, who should look into a new coach themselves…preferably one who takes his meds.

Ole Miss, where the game will be decided by whichever team coughs up the ball at the 2-minute warning.

Mississippi State, once considered the upset special in the SEC, now just especially upset at being 0-2 in the West.

Tennessee, who’ll be interviewing Richt in a couple years.

Vandy, in a game that will literally cost Richt his job overnight if he loses.

Florida, which was once, believe it or not, the nation’s greatest rivalry.

New Mexico State; a much-needed victory over them can provide Richt with the key to preventing this from being another losing season.

Auburn, who by then will either be a legit threat in the West or a punchline on The Herd.

Kentucky: this will be one of those games where both teams are held to less than 100 yards out of their own inability to move the chains.

Georgia Tech, in a matchup where it will be hard to tell which side the game is more meaningless to.

It’ll be quite a ride, but look for Richt to sail off into the sunset after this season…only to come back as Houston Nutt’s replacement when Ole Miss finally gets wise to him (?!?!?!)


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